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Alicia Streger - Personal Trainer Orlando and Winter Park Florida - Forte Personal Training
Alicia Streger, CSCS
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Alicia Streger Is CSCS Certified

foam rolling Exercising & Foam Rolling Stretching

What is Foam Rolling Stretching & Exercising?

One of my favorite forms of stretching I use with my personal training clients is foam roller stretching or foam rolling exercises. Why? Because it works! Foam Rollers can be found in just about every physical therapy clinic and fitness facility on the west coast. Unfortunately, foam roller stretching or foam rolling exercises are almost completely unheard of here in Orlando.

How does Foam Rolling Stretching Work?

Foam Rolling Stretching works based on a principle known as autogenic inhibition. The Golgi Tendon Organ is a mechano-receptor that is found at the muscle-tendon junction and is extremely sensitive to changes in muscle tension. When tension increases to the point where it may possibly cause an injury, (ex. tendon rupture) the GTO stimulates something called muscle spindles which cause the muscle to relax and prevent injury.

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Alicia Foam Rolling Stretching  - This photo shows Alicia working on her hip area using a foam roller.Not only are GTO’s useful in preventing injury, but they also play an important role in something called PNF Stretching. Muscular contractions that precede a passive stretch will stimulate the GTO, causing muscle relaxation and allowing for a greater range of motion. Foam Rolling Exercises & Therapy can actually simulate this muscle tension! Essentially, by foam rolling stretching with the foam roller, you can receive many of the same benefits of traditional stretching, and then some!

Self-Myofascial Release (described above) by Foam Rolling Exercising will not only help to increase muscle length (like traditional stretching) but will also breakdown soft tissue adhesions and scar tissue! Some of my personal training clients have noticed dramatic reductions in lower back and hip pain with regular Foam Roller Stretching and Exercising.

How to use the Foam Roller:

Alicia is foam rolling stretching  to increase flexibility and release tension in her back.Slowly roll your body (focusing on each muscle) over the Foam Roller and pause over the most tender areas. As the discomfort begins to diminish, move on to other tender areas. During personal training, you will learn the proper foam rolling stretching technique and will focus on specific muscles that are tight on your body.

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